Multi-Engine Training

Take your skills to the next level and begin training in the Piper Seneca II. We offer multi-engine add on training all the way up to Commercial Multi-Engine Instructor. Pursue a multi-engine certificate to simply rent the Piper Seneca II for long distance trips or to add credentials to your resume as you seek to land a job in professional aviation. The Seneca II offers a great training configuration for either situation.


We offer special block pricing for multi-engine add on training to create a more affordable add on opportunity. Our rates are sold in 10, 12, and 25 hour blocks. With the purchase of each time block, you receive dual flight hours, checkride rental, ground instruction, and the Sporty’s Multi-Engine Online Ground School Course. The block rates are priced at $3,800, $4,600, and $9,850 respectively.


  • Must hold (at least) Single-Engine Private Pilot Certificate
  • Must hold valid medical certificate (any class)

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It’s Time

Don’t let the unfamiliarity of aviation keep you from one of the best experiences of your life. Jump out of your comfort zone and into the left seat. The staff at Twin Cities Flight strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn and provide all of the knowledge and tools for you to flourish.

Become one of the few. Your journey begins here.

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Twin Cities Flight provides you direct CFI access to have your questions answered. You may want to know more about training prices, aircraft rental, training schedules, pilot certificates, or simply what your next steps should be. Drop us a line and we will have you cleared for take-off!

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