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Discover your future – Your dream comes to life.

The Discovery Flight is a good first step to begin a journey in aviation. A Discovery Flight can be anything you make it. Maybe you’d like to get a first-hand look into the flight training environment and receive instruction or maybe you’d like do some sightseeing from above. Either way, the Discovery Flight is perfect for both scenarios! The Discovery Flight includes a one-hour flight experience and some time with an instructor on the ground for preflight preparations. The structure of the Discovery Flight presents a great space to get any questions about flight training answered, receive some initial instruction, and allows you to become familiar with the facility and staff at Twin Cities Flight.

The cost for the flight is $234.99 and you can book one right now!

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Twin Cities Flight provides you direct CFI access to have your questions answered. You may want to know more about training prices, aircraft rental, training schedules, pilot certificates, or simply what your next steps should be. Drop us a line and we will have you cleared for take-off!

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