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Flight Instruction Rates

We offer three different levels of rates for instruction to create a fair pricing structure. Each level of instruction caters to different training needs and enables you to pay for what you need and only that.

Standard Flight Instruction


The standard rate provides you with instruction you receive for any single-engine airplane that is not high-performance, complex, or technically advanced.

Premium Flight Instruction


The premium rate provides you with specialized instruction for multi-engine, high-performance, complex, or technically advanced airplanes.

Airplane Owner Instruction


The airplane owner rate covers any instruction that you receive in your own airplane.

Meet Our Team

Twin Cities Flight offers an exceptional team of instructors that are passionate about aviation and strive to share that passion with others. Our instructors are trained to hold each student to rigorous 141 school expectations which enables them to provide quality instruction and hold students accountable to the highest standards. This is the best team in the Twin Cities. Take a look for yourself.

Seth Underdahl

General Manager

Seth grew up in Columbus, MN on a small hobby farm. In the earlier years of his life, he spent a great amount of his time helping with his parents small farm operation and grew to love the countryside setting. The neighborhood he grew up in was tight-knit and there…

DJ Horton

Chief Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI, Stage Check)

DJ started flying as child with his dad and at 16 earned his Private Pilot Certificate - Glider. DJ grew up in San Diego and spent several years traveling internationally before settling in Minnesota. He has extensive global experience, having flown throughout East Africa and the Middle East, visiting more…

Cindy Mayne

CFI, CFII, MEI, Stage Check Instructor

Alexander Knauz

CFI, CFII, Stage Check Instructor

Alexander began his aviation career in high school and continued training through the University of Illinois Institute of Aviation. Professionally, Alexander has worked as a flight instructor, airline pilot, tour pilot, and corporate pilot. He brings an unusual breadth of experience to Twin Cities Flight, having flown everything from two-seater…

James Bauer


James began flying in 1998 while attending school at St. Cloud State. During his time at St. Cloud, James earned his Commercial Certificate, his Flight Instructor Certificate, and a Bachelor of Science Degree. After college James took a short break from aviation and earned his Master Plumbers License and currently…

Kyle Malecha


Kyle grew up in Saint Cloud and knew from a young age that he wanted to have a career in aviation. Growing up in a family where both his parents worked for the airlines and the corporate aviation world, he was always around airplanes or at least the talk of…

Matt Bruggemann


Matt joined Twin Cities Flight Training in August of 2019. He first learned to fly in high school at a small airport in upstate New York where he earned his Private Pilot Certificate. After high school, Matt moved halfway across the country to attend the University of North Dakota, where…

Tim Luedtke

Certified Flight Instructor

Tim grew up in Linwood, MN, attended the University of Minnesota, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science. His introduction to aviation didn’t occur until moving next door to a busy metro area seaplane base. Whether planes were taking off from the water or the grass strip, he…

Chuck Harmer

Certified Flight Instructor

Chuck started his journey as a student here at Twin Cities Flight Training with zero hours. He received his Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, and Flight Instructor Certificate all at Twin Cities Flight. Prior to beginning his career in aviation, Chuck was a radio and TV broadcaster. He…

Jack Quaal

Certified Flight Instructor

Jack became involved in aviation for the excitement it brings, the ability to travel through the skies, and to enjoy it with friends and family. He began instructing to share it with others, become a better pilot and build relationships. Activities he enjoys include traveling to new cities, landmarks, national…

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