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From nose to tail – We know airplanes.

We specialize in maintaining the following aircraft:

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Meet Our Maintenance Team

Greg leads the dynamic duo at the flight school in maintaining the aircraft to exceptional standards. Mike works alongside Greg as a fantastic “right hand” with an incredible ability to learn and adapt. Together, Greg and Mike keep the fleet top-notch and in good working order. They take on every task put before them in a professionally organized manner. Greg and Mike work hard day in and day out to keep the flight school airplanes operational and in great condition to meet and exceed FAA Part 141 maintenance requirements.

Greg Fradette

Maintenance Lead (A&P IA)

Greg has worked on a diverse catalog of aircraft throughout his career as an aircraft mechanic. From Aeroncas to Zenith and everything in between, he's seen it. His expertise shines bright whenever he gets under the cowling. He treats every aircraft as if it were his own and he is…

Mike Huso

Apprentice Mechanic

Mike grew up in a family involved with both aviation and mechanics. Mike has always enjoying tinkering with pretty much everything, trying to find out how they work, and putting them back together, usually without any “spare” parts left over. His mother holds a Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and is…

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Only The Best

Our fleet is maintained to the highest standards as each airplane in the fleet goes through extensive inspections every 100 hours of flight. Routine checks are also performed every 50 hours when the airplane receives oil changes. Nothing gets past our maintenance team. We have the safest fleet in the Twin Cities maintained to rigorous 141 standards. We’re the only 141 flight school in the area and work hard to pass 141 FAA fleet inspections every year with ease.

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